CrossFit 151 – CrossFit


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner WOD!!!!!!!!

30Min Amrap

25 Partner Deadlifts

20 Box Jumps

50 Cal Row

15 Synchro T2B

10 Synchro BFB

Rx Guy/Guy 425

Guy/Girl 365

Girl/Girl 315

Box Jump 24/20

Scaled Guy/Guy 375

Guy/Girl 315

Girl/Girl 285

Box Jump 24/20 Step-Ups allowed
Split the work up however you want. Only one person working at a time during Box Jumps and Cal Row. The one partner not working, must be doing a static hang from the pull-up bar. You can only work while one partner is hanging from the bar. With synchro T2B, feet must touch the bar at the same time. If you’re doing knee raises, then knees must be up at the same time. Burpees will be the same standard we used for last time. Chest must touch on same side of the bar at the same time, before standing and jumping over the bar.

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