Workout of the Day (WOD)


7-17-13 WOD

Wednesday July 17th SWOD 200 Double Unders /600 Singles WOD 4 rounds 2 Laps + Prowler Push or Sled Pull 12x Burpee Pull ups

7-16-13 WOD

Tuesday July 16th SWOD Deadlift Snatch grip 3 point position 5-3-5-3-1 WOD (For time) Break up however you want of: 50 HSPU 50 PULL UPS 50 […]

7-15-13 WOD

Monday July 15th SWOD 3-3-3-3 Power Clean 3-3-3-3 Push Jerk 3-3-3-3 Clean and Jerk WOD 1k Row for time or 1 mile Run for time. Those […]

7-12-13 WOD

Friday July 12th Benchmark Friday Chelsea Each min on the min for 30 min: 5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups, 15 Air Squats.

7-11-13 WOD

Thursday July 11th SWOD 5×5 Front squats 3×3 Tempo front squats @ 21X1 WOD Partner WOD 8 total rounds total 1 person working at a time […]

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5-7-14 WOD

Wednesday 5/7/14 Strength 6 Minute EMOM of: 4x Snatch Touch N Go (add 10 lbs every minute) Full rest btwn sets WOD: Chipper Ascending & Descending […]

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