Progenex vs SFH

Progenex is hydrolyzed to a higher degree than anything on the market. That means it’s made up of very tiny peptide clusters that your body quickly and easily absorbs. In fact, it only takes about 15 minutes for Progenex to get absorbed. Most proteins are going to take an hour or more. Because Progenex delivers the protein and BCAAs to your muscles so quickly they are able to rebuild and repair much more quickly. This is why it works so well. The high amount of BCAAs (over 6 grams) and over 5 grams of glutamine certainly hurt either.

SFH’s big selling point is the grass-fed dairy. Here’s a great explanation from Paul Nobles, the guy that heads up the CrossFitters Eat to Perform website and FB page. He’s talking specifically about Isagenix because someone asked about them but his points pertain to SFH as well.

Paul Nobles Jr. I’m just basically putting this out their for informational purposes. I realize not everyone can afford $60 protein but literally the difference between Progenex and Isagenix is night and day. This is the food chain as it relates to Whey. Concentrate>Isolates>Hydrosylates and Progenex does an additional refining process for better bio-availability. Isagenix is a concentrate, the whole “grass fed” or not is virtually irrelevant and Mark Sisson has talked about this on his blog. Whey should have virtually no lactose because it gets filtered out, so then it comes down to fat, the reason you buy grass fed meats is to get the healthy fat. Whey shouldn’t really have fat in the first place. So that becomes moot, I am not putting this out as an argument as much as I think this is probably very informative for people because the absorption of the amino’s is a very big deal that’s why you want hydrolyzed whey if you can afford it. The fact that you can actually be allergic to dairy protein and potentially will have no side effects at all from hydrolyzed should really be eye opening. Check out just the section from It even talks about how using Hydrosylates may allow you to actually get in another workout as a result. That’s kind of a big deal.

The bottom line is, Progenex tastes better, performs better, and is superior to any product line out there. Look at the athletes we have (Jason Khalipa, Matt Chan, Chris Spealler, Rob Orlando, Neal Maddox, Ben Smith, Scott Panchik, Nick Urankar, Justin Allen, Kendrick Farris, Chad Vaughn, Aja Barto, Lindsey Valenzuela, Miranda Oldroyd, Christmas Abbott, etc) and you can see the results speak for themselves. These people would not put their name and reputation behind products they truly didn’t believe in.

Plus, SFH recently increased the price on their recovery to $65 for 30 servings

– Coach Z


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