First off, congratulations to everyone who participated in FAC and the CrossFit Open, it was a huge success.  (Check out the photos) We are already looking forward to the 2015 Open as we will certainly grow the number of members who participate and continue to reach new levels of fitness across the board. 

We had many “firsts” throughout the Open and many found out they can push themselves a little further than what they thought possible. So what now? Well for 99% of us the reason we joined the 151 Community was to make CrossFit our exercise routine of choice as a way to get into or stay in shape. Many are seeing the results we expected or we may be gaining new skills and strengths we didn’t know were possible. During the 14.5 workout Greg Glassman shared the story that when he designed Crossfit it was to help people get healthier overall, not just to get stronger or bigger arms, or more endurance to be able to run farther and perhaps faster but to combine all those things to live an overall healthier life. Glassman mentioned those who may start because of wanting to lose some weight, to try to get off health medications, or overcome an injury or obstacle. Each of you joined 151 for your own reasons and you continue to come for your own reasons, but together we are building a better and stronger 151 community.

So what’s next?  Well, it’s time to push a little harder. We’ve all heard the old adage of put in the same effort and you can expect the same results.  As we work thru 2014, push a little harder, put forth that extra effort, and get results you haven’t seen to date. As a community we will work together so we can continue to accomplish our goals together. Push your fellow members to get one more rep, to change the band they’ve gotten comfortable using, or offer support to improve form on movements. And most importantly, celebrate everyone’s accomplishments from the first place finisher to those who finished last, but finished their first Rx’d workout.

It’s time to step a little further outside of our comfort zones. Now, that doesn’t mean to sacrifice form or safety but that is our job as your coaches to watch for those things. If a coach hands you a 35lb KB instead of the 26 you’ve been using don’t be afraid to tackle the challenge… Don’t be afraid to change bands, or increase that weight.  It’ll be amazing what we can all do when applying ourselves just a little bit more and knowing we have the 151 family to cheer you along.

CrossFit 151 Staff

Posted by Korey Stillman


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First off, congratulations to everyone who participated in FAC and the CrossFit Open, it was a huge success.  (Check out the photos) We are already looking […]

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