Member Spotlight: Megan Teahen

When did you start Crossfit?


Technically in January, but when did I actually “start” going consistently…like 3 months ago, when I became ADDICTED and realized how amazing CrossFit (especially 151) really is.

What was most surprising for you when starting at Crossfit 151?

How hard it actually was and there wasn’t any “beginners”, easy workouts. Also my discovery of many muscles I did not know I have, how being unable to walk after leg days can really suck, how working out can actually make you cry, and you can really have nightmares about workouts. Besides that, how much the workouts change and how active and intrigued they keep you.

When did you start noticing improvements? 

When I started going consistently and put my all into the workouts.  There is nothing worse than cheating yourself of something you want to accomplish, so the biggest and most important thing I have learned is do it all, give it your all, and don’t give up.  When you cheat yourself at workouts, not only do you have that burden over your head, you won’t see the results you want.

How has Crossfit affected you outside of the gym?

People give that stereotype to Crossfitters of those awesome, really in-shape, could kick my butt in a second type of people, so sometimes people run away from me when I say “Oh do you CrossFit?” because they don’t want to do anything to make me go all CrossFit on them. Other than that, I have made so many friends, it helps me build my daily schedule, because everything now is built around 6:30 p.m., it has helped me in my overall fitness, especially in running, I feel so much more confident, and my energy has sky rocketed…well besides after workouts.

What are your goals with Crossfit? 

To find my prince charming and to have some of those sexy abs the hardcore girl Crossfitter’s have. Also, I want to have a closet full of awesome CrossFit gear.  If we are talking workout wise…finish a rope climb and dominate pull-ups, muscle-ups, and ring dips.

What is your most and least favorite CrossFit movement? 

Most favorite would have to be squats, I want one of those Kim Kardashian booty’s, and so when those squats come into play, I could squat for days.  Least favorite well I am terrified of handstand push-ups because of the fear of running into the wall, like I did on my very first attempt, day 1 of Crossfit, and then falling on my head. Pathetic, I know, but they are scary!

What words of advice do you have for someone considering CrossFit?

DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! I have heard too many people say “CrossFit is too hard” or “CrossFit looks intimidating, I could never do it”.  Well you can do anything you set your mind to.  I never thought I would compete, I always wanted to be one who did, but I kept telling myself, I will never be ready for that. I have done two now and am training for my third! CrossFit is addicting and fun and it’s a great way to get into your best shape ever. People are amazing, competitions are fun, yeah the work outs can be brutal, but let me tell you, the feeling you have after you complete those bad boys is better than being a kid in candy store filled with free candy.



Member Story – Megan Teahen

Member Spotlight: Megan Teahen When did you start Crossfit? Technically in January, but when did I actually “start” going consistently…like 3 months ago, when I became […]

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