About Us

The Beginning

CrossFit 151 was established in 2012 by a group of friends, co-workers, & complete strangers, passionate about CrossFit. We all started because we like many of you were looking to improve our own fitness levels. Along with the fitness levels of our friends, family, & wider community. What we got was new success and results that we were not getting elsewhere. The first of many CrossFit 151 workouts was hosted in one of our garages. After sitting around talking one night we knew it was time to move forward. So we began the process of trying to find a new home for 151. Well we are very excited to call this home & we are proud to be part of not only the CrossFit World Wide Community but to bring it here to Marion, Iowa.

We are proud to say we are & will always be the original CrossFit Facility in Marion. We intend to be an active part of this community hosting events & backing other community movements. We will listen to our members and we will always strive to not only be the premier fitness location but to stay committed to our values. And that is the betterment of everyone we meet through not only fitness but community. Our facility is 3,600 square feet of raw workout space. When you come into 151 you won’t see machines inside because you & your body are the equipment needed. Our box includes bathrooms with showers, a kid’s area, and a community area to hang out before or after your workout.