The CrossFit 151 Promise

The 151 Promise

Every time you step foot inside our location you will be greeted by and coached by one or more of our CrossFit Certified coaches, throughout the workout. Unlike your typical gym we require that you work out with a coach or coaches during your visit, in order to help you achieve your goals. We do offer 1 on 1 personal training, group sessions, & open gym times. We promise to instruct you through the movements & workouts being taught that day and work with you to scale them to your individual needs & limitations. We believe in the idea that quality coaching will get you better results and proper form will help prevent injury.

Become a member of 151 and become a member of something bigger. We feel our benefits include camaraderie, support, motivation, and accountability. You are more likely to achieve the results you desire, and less likely to miss training days when we the 151 community are counting on you. At CrossFit 151, you will learn Olympic Lifts, Kettlebells, Power-lifting  basic gymnastic movements, and many different kinds of body weight movements. At 151 we will PUSH YOU, HELP YOU and above all, we will SUPPORT you!